My Story...

One of the best questions I was ever asked came from my eighth-grade teacher, 'What is the point of getting out of bed every morning if you have no passion in life?'.  This specific question has helped define who I am today.  Ever since a young age, I have always had an interest in different cultures, languages, religions and meeting people from all walks of life.  Travel is unquestionably my passion in life.  It is most certainly a drug, in all of its forms, and I am absolutely addicted.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I, like so many others, made my way over to London through the working-holiday visa program.  That was way back in 2001.  This amazing experience helped me fall in love with the expat lifestyle.  Since then I have been fortunate enough to continue my expat escapades in many exotic locations which have included; Bermuda, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, UAE, Germany, Italy, France and currently, Russia.

I work as a Governess and Family Manager catering to the whims of high profile clientele.  With a nearly 20 year career, my experiences have exposed me to a variety of hilarious adventures, mishaps, a level of near Godly patience which I never dreamt I'd ever be capable of and an insane ability to laugh even when times seem the roughest.

Writing is such a fulfiling experience and has allowed me to share the moments I treasure most, assist fellow travellers and guide newbies on their own expat path and nomadic adventure.

Brick Lane

Rebecca Schott

Interested in having me write for you?

Because of my experiences living abroad, I have a unique viewpoint when writing and am capable of adapting my projects to suit a broad demographic.  I work well under pressure, am an avid believer in task prioritisation and time management.  If you are interested in having me write for you or review your services please feel free to contact me.