Travel is a personal journey, for me, it's not just about another stamp in my passport (although I'm awfully proud of the ones I do have) but appreciating the wonderful people and beautiful places I'm fortunate enough to experience.

From hot air ballooning at dawn in Jaipur, snorkelling with whale sharks on the island of Cebu in the Philippines to cooking classes in Rome, I am always on the look-out for local experiences, unforgettable memories and a new found love for a country and it's culture.

I'm driven to share my experiences and insight whether I am discussing them in person or via online reviews.  My dream is to impart comical and meaningful life lessons, travel advice and practical tips learnt through my endless quest for knowledge and adventure in the world around us.

Canal Cruising, Paris, France
Canal Cruising, Paris, France

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Because of my experiences living abroad, I have a unique viewpoint when writing and am capable of adapting my projects to suit a broad demographic.  I work well under pressure, am an avid believer in task prioritisation and time management.  If you are interested in having me write for you or review your services please feel free to contact me.